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Interior Painting

Interior 8-Step Process

Are you ready to update the interior of your home but dread dealing with a painting contractor?

At Carnival Custom Painting, we offer a high level of service and commitment to quality. And our team of professionals follow a detailed 8-step process in providing you the best possible painting experience and the final result that meets or exceeds all your expectations for a beautifully updated home.

How can we help?

  • Showcase rooms and stunning interior paint projects are our specialty
  • Buying or Selling: We can repaint the entire house F A S T !
  • Update your formals and family rooms for seasonal entertaining!
  • Enjoy a new cozy Master bedroom / bathroom color
  • Home office? The right color promotes concentration on those endless conference calls
  • Is your Kitchen wallpaper so 1999? We make it go away – fast!
  • Kid’s bathroom wallpaper coming off? New Texture in just 2 days!

Wallpaper Removal and Re-texture video
Process Steps:

Day One:

  • Prep floors
  • Remove or Seal old wallpaper
  • Repair wall surfaces as required
  • Apply New Texture – all styles same price

Day Two:

  • Check texture surfaces for anomalies
  • Paint new texture – 2 coats minimum

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Experienced crews will adhere to a detailed eight step process to ensure the efficiency and quality of our service.

  1. Protecting Your Property, Flooring and Furnishings
    Your furniture will be moved to the center of the room, and flooring, furniture and fixtures will be covered with clean, plastic sheeting and thick builder’s paper.
  2. Proper Preparation
    Our crews properly remove all wall plates, vents and window treatments. All surfaces to be painted may need cleaning to remove dirt and other pollutants.
  3. Repairs
    To help guarantee a smooth and uniform finish to the painting surface, we make all necessary repairs and will apply a matching texture to the surface as needed.
  4. Priming for Sealing, Bonding and Covering
    Our professional expert painters will apply primer depending upon the project demands. This may include sealing in water stains, to promote the overall bonding and to ensure the complete coverage on an existing color and to provide a final smooth finish.
  5. Caulking for Clean Lines
    To provide a clean, finished look, our professional painters will caulk around door casings, window casings and sills, frames, baseboards and crown moldings.
  6. Beautiful Application
    Our team of painters will apply a fresh coat of paint by brush, roll or spray depending upon the requirements of the painting project.
  7. Thorough Clean-up
    Upon completion, our team will move your possessions and furniture back into its original place in the room. All window coverings, wall plates and fixtures will be re-installed when we perform the final cleaning.
  8. Inspection and Follow-up
    Upon final completion, a Carnival Custom Painting supervisor will completely inspect and review the project with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.