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Gray walls turn blue – Interior painting in Flower Mound TX

How do you get a gray wall color that doesn’t turn blue? Do your gray walls turn blue when painting your Flower Mound home?  It’s a problem that happens too often.  So, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, let’s explore how to not make this mistake when painting your home. Below are some quick and dirty tips and some ideas to help you get the best possible color and final product.  Here they are: Don’t pick a color that ‘looks’ gray to you, move toward a beige or tan. Get sample paints and try them in your home Don’t paint your Read more
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Painting Contractor in Flower Mound, TX: Common DIY Painting Mistakes

Before starting a DIY painting project for you home, consider hiring a painting contractor in Flower Mound, TX. You might think, “I can complete this project myself and save a lot of money,” but there are other elements to consider as well. For many people, time is money, and painting even a single room can be an ordeal if you aren’t a trained professional. If you’re not careful, you can find yourself in quite a pickle with a mess you don’t know how to clean up. Before you decide to skip setting up an appointment with a painting contractor in Read more
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Painting Contractor in Flower Mound, TX: Tips Selecting One for You

Are you looking for a painting contractor in Flower Mound, TX? Sometimes a do-it-yourself mentality toward your home is perfect, but for big projects that require extensive time and skill it’s better to call in a professional. With so many options and misleading ads out there, it can be difficult to know which companies to trust. Here are some helpful tips to assist you while researching and selecting your painting contractor in Flower Mound, TX. Start With a Web Search Take time to learn about the company you are considering. First, check for reviews and information online; you’re looking for Read more
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Interior Painting Flower Mound TX: Advantages Of Hiring A Professional

If you’re thinking about having the inside of your home painted by professionals, you may have ‘helpful’ friends or family telling you what a waste of money it is to hire someone to do your interior painting in Flower Mound TX.  They’ll gladly tell you that painting a wall is so easy a child can do it.  Are they right?  Only a little bit.  Applying a brush or a roller filled with paint to a wall is easy but there is way more to painting your home the right way than just slapping paint on a flat surface.  Here’s the Read more
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Exterior Painting Flower Mound TX: Should You Go It Alone Or Hire A Pro?

It seems so easy – just grab a paintbrush and a can of paint and you can give your house a facelift, inside and out, in no time.  But like throwing a football or rowing a boat, painting a house is a lot harder than it looks, especially exterior painting in Flower Mound TX.  There are a lot of variables and additional tasks that can make the job of house painting difficult.  Here are some you should keep in mind when you’re deciding between doing your own exterior painting in Flower Mound TX and hiring a pro: ▸  The height Read more