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Wall Texture Styles For An Extraordinary DFW Home

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of interior painting is wall texturing.  Your home probably has a mix of wall texture and possibly some wallpaper in the kitchen or bathrooms.  Adding or changing wall textures is seen by some as more work while others see it as a way to update or add some  decorative flair.  Wall texturing can actually increase your home’s value as well as curb appeal.  Adding texture can enhance rich colors and add some ‘attitude’ to an otherwise bland and common room or wall. Take a look at the texturing styles below and learn how Carnival Custom Painting in Flower Mound can transform your home from ordinary to one of a kind!

Crow’s Foot Wall Texture  

Crows Foot Wall Texture

Crow’s Foot texture, also known as “slap-brushing” is created by tapping/slapping drywall mud onto a wall using a brush. No surprise here, the name of this texturing style is derived from the dried ridges and valleys of drywall mud that, when painted, look oddly similar to a crow’s foot tracks. You will find this type of wall texture in some of the older homes in Double Oak, Argyle, Lewisville, and Highland Village.  Most people do not do this type of texture except where they may be getting rid of wallpaper and with to match the existing texture in their home, or in an area that may need drywall repairs or patches.  Just know that Carnival Custom Painting can do this type of texturing for you.

Hand Trowel Wall Texture  

Hand Trowel Wall Texture

Hand-troweled texture has been popular in Flower Mound for years, and still is.  We get requests for this style when homeowners are having wallpaper removed in bathrooms or kitchens.  It is a very Mediterranean / Italian / Texas ranch style that plays well in our area.  This type of wall texture has been and will remain popular in our area.  Some builders will apply hand trowel texture to accent certain areas, like an entry foyer.  Some large, luxury homes will showcase this texture on almost every wall and ceiling to impart a flowing, casual style. Whatever you decide, hand trowel walls are sure to give your home that elegant yet rustic feeling so popular today.

Splatter-Drag Wall Texture  

Splatter Drag Wall Texture

Also known as “knockdown texturing,” splatter texturing is created via spraying drywall mud on a wall, allowing it to slightly set, and then dragging a large drywall trowel down to create flattened areas.  If the texture is applied but not “knocked down” it is called “orange peel” style for obvious reasons.  This wall texturing is found in almost all the homes in the Flower Mound and Highland Village areas.

At Carnival Custom Painting in Flower Mound, we are experts in providing elite painting services. Whether it be texturing, interior painting, kitchen cabinet painting, wallpaper removal or any other painting project, we are thrilled to help turn your home into the masterpiece you have always dreamed of. To get started, please give us a call today at 214.616.2206!

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