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Painting Cabinet Doors Flower Mound TX is as Good as a Makeover

Painting Cabinet Doors Flower Mound TXPainting cabinet doors Flower Mound TX is a handy little trick to freshen the look of your kitchen or other rooms in your home. Often, homeowners jump straight into an extensive remodeling project when they do not really want or need it. Often, boredom with the current look of the room influences them to go for a massive makeover. Before you start looking at alternative floor plans and knocking holes in walls, consider whether you need to remodel, or if a fresh coat of paint in an updated color would work just as well to make you love your kitchen again.

Professional Cabinet Painting Flower Mound TX: Pick Your Paint (or Stain) Color

If you were going with a full remodel, you would have to choose colors anyway, so start there when deciding between renovation or simply painting your cabinet doors. The next step is to get samples of the colors you choose and bring them into your kitchen. Imagine the room redone in the new color. Alternatively, if your cabinets are currently painted, sanding off the paint and staining the natural wood will also offer a dramatically different look.

Painting Cabinet Doors Flower Mound TX: Personalize It

Better Homes and Gardens lists a number of different ways to update your kitchen cabinets with paint and personal touches. Use contact paper or stickers as guides to paint a monogram or silhouettes on the doors. Paint wooden appliques in a color that contrasts with your cabinet doors, and attach them once the paint is dry. Additionally, don’t forget how the hardware can affect the look of your cabinets. Crystal knobs, handles carved from elk horn, or ornate brass drawer pulls will make all the difference on your newly-painted cabinets.

Interior Painting Service Flower Mound TX: Avoid the Mistakes

Painting your cabinets might seem like a quick and easy way to update your kitchen, but Good Housekeeping warns that it isn’t the simple weekend project you might think it is. Many people rush through the process without knowing what they’re getting into, only to create a mess instead of a beautiful kitchen. Realistically, it can take up to an entire week to properly prep your kitchen, remove hardware, doors and drawers, apply masking tape where necessary, and allow for drying time. The prep part of the job can be a lot of work, but it is essential for a gorgeous end result. Cabinets need to be cleaned, and the surfaces need to be sanded. The cabinets need to be as dust-free as possible, and primer should be applied.

Call the Experts for Professional Cabinet Painting Flower Mound TX

If that all sounds like more of a job than you bargained for, call the professionals at Carnival Custom Painting. Their experienced crew has the time, the patience, and the expertise to handle painting cabinet doors Flower Mound TX. Their proprietary eight-step process takes care of everything, start to finish, and leaves you with the beautiful kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. Update your kitchen’s look without the hassle by calling Carnival Custom Painting at 214-616-2206.

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