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Exterior Painting Service Flower Mound TX: Improve Your Home’s Value

Exterior Painting Service Flower Mound TXWhether you are selling your home or hoping to improve its look, exterior painting service Flower Mound TX can increase your curb appeal and home value. Your home’s appearance is a person’s first impression, and a good first impression can easily increase a home’s total value and appeal. To enhance your curb appeal for potential buyers and increase the value of your home for your own benefit, hire the professionals to focus on your home’s exterior.

Exterior Painting Flower mound TX: Inspect the Exterior

To get started, the exterior of your home will require a detailed inspection. Warped areas of vinyl siding, rotted areas of wood, or damaged areas of brick will all be documented. In addition, broken or loose shingles will also be listed, ensuring these problems are also repaired.

Painting Services Flower Mound TX: Clean and Cover

Before cleaning your home’s exterior, plastic sheeting is used to cover surrounding landscaping. Shrubs, trees, flower beds, and any outdoor equipment such as air conditioning units, garden hoses, and propane tanks, will be covered.

Professionals will utilize pressure washers and non-toxic solutions to clean the exterior of your home. Dirt, dust, mold, algae, and other debris will all be removed from your home. Removing this dirt and discoloration will make enhance the beauty and architectural style of your house.

Painting Services Flower Mound TX: Improved Condition

After cleaning is done, repairs and other maintenance will be completed on your home.  Exterior painting service Flower Mount TX will repair the following, if necessary:

  • Damaged Wood – Repairs will be made to the damaged wood around your windows, doors, soffits, and fascia. Loose pieces of trim will be reattached or replaced. Missing or broken pieces of siding will also need to be replaced.
  • Caulking – Old, chipped caulk is scraped away after cleaning. This ensures that the surfaces are clean and conditioned, making application of the new caulk efficient and effective. New caulk is applied to every wood seam and joint before painting. Also, each of your windows will require caulking. For the best protection against moisture, latex caulk is used on your home.

Exterior Painting Service Flower Mound TX: Final Preparations

After cleaning and repairing damaged areas of your home, additional preparation is needed before applying the paint. To get started, painter’s tape is added to areas that will not require paint, such as window and door frames and light fixtures.

When your home is ready to be painted, professionals will use a combination of brushes and sprays for application of primer and paint.

By cleaning, repairing, and painting your home’s exterior, you can improve your curb appeal and value. To learn how to improve your home, contact Carnival Custom Painting at (214)616-2206 for an exterior painting service Flower Mound TX.

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