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Dispose of Paint or How to Get Rid of Old Paint

Almost every customer asks us how they can dispose of paint.  If you live in Flower Mound, TX getting rid of old paint is really easy.  Sometimes people have paint that was left by a previous owner or just old paint that’s been sitting in the garage too long.  It’s easy to amass a collection of sample paints when you’re looking for the just the right color for a room.  In any case, old paint is of little use and it takes up a lot of space.  Getting paint is easy and it turns out that it is actually easy to dispose of paint.  This is how NOT to do it…

Dispose of Paint

How not to dispose of paint in Flower Mound, TX

Here in Flower Mound, Republic Services is the current trash and waste disposal contractor.  According to the ‘House Hazardous Waste Disposal’ section of the web site for the city of Flower Mound, you can have old paint picked up right from your front door by calling Republic Services at 817-317-2000 to schedule a pickup.  The information is here:

Manage Your Paint Inventory

So what is the best way to manage your household paint inventory?  I’m glad you asked.  First, you should dispose of old paint that you have around using the method discussed above.  Make sure you are disposing only old paint that is not a part of the current paint scheme in your home.  You can use a permanent marker to write on the lid of each paint can a description of where that paint was used.  You can write on the lid and on the side of the can.  It is best to do this right after having the rooms painted so you are sure about where it goes.

The paint can label is critical

Another way to manage your paint is to take a picture of the label on the paint can with your cell phone.  Maybe create a separate photo album called, ‘House Paint Colors’.  Everything you need to know to replicate a paint is contained on the label; the name and number of the color, the exact type of paint it was made in, the sheen of the paint, the date it was made, the location of the store where it was made, the actual tinting colorant combinations used, the order number and other information is magically stored on that label.

Dispose of old paint

The paint label contains a wealth of information

The order number is nice because all of the other paints that were purchased at the same time will be shown on the order number.  This can be critical when sleuthing to find an old paint.  The label shown is for a custom paint match and the information contained is absolutely essential.

So now you know how to get rid of old paint or dispose of paint and how to manage the paint inventory for you house going forward.

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