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What Color Should I Paint The Exterior Of My House?

Spring has sprung and it’s time to do some painting! Like many, you’ve survived yet another chilly winter and are ready to finally get back out and start tending to the exterior of your home. One of the most common spring traditions for homeowners is reapplying and touching up their exterior paint. But what seems like any easy choice in terms of color, can be overbearing and impact your home’s value. Depending on your color choice, your house can gain value or depreciate. Here we will offer some good tips for answering the question, what color should I use to paint the exterior of my house?

Understand Your Architecture

The style of your home can often dictate the color best suited for your exterior. For example, modern homes typically have muted, darker colors to compliment bold and sharp architectural features. On the contrary, Spanish Mediterranean homes usually have white or beige exterior colors to complement their often-orange tile roofs. Understanding what architectural category your home falls into can be a huge step to determining the appropriate color for the exterior of your home.

Start Small

As the old saying goes, less is more. While it can be tempting to make a daring and otherwise risky selection for your home’s external paint colors, it can often be detrimental to curb appeal and home value. As stated previously, most home colors are best suited for certain architectural styles, and in most cases, purple doesn’t fall into any of those categories. If you want to express yourself aesthetically, it would be recommended to start with some interior rooms to see what really looks good. It’s much cheaper and easier to change the color of a bedroom than it is to have your exterior repainted.

Study Your Colors

Colors are typically categorized into three categories: cool, neutral, and warm. Think about the environment of your location and what type of feeling you want your colors to convey. In Texas, it is often exceptionally warm. Choosing a cool color tone for the exterior of your home can evoke an inviting and aesthetically appealing feeling given the nature of the environment. In colder areas, warm color tones can help increase curb appeal with an inviting felling of coziness and comfort. Neutral colors are suitable for any location and are often, the choice of many homeowners.

Hire A Professional

At Carnival Custom Painting in Flower Mound, we are experts in providing top quality exterior paint jobs. Hire a professional to see an immediate transformation to your home. To get started, please give us a call today at 214.616.2206!

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