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Interior Painting Updates for Highland Village and Flower Mound

Fresh spring interior painting updates continues unabated in Highland Village and Flower Mound.  The trend toward lighter, less ‘heavy’ paint schemes is as popular as ever throughout the Flower Mound, Double Oak, Argyle, and Lantana areas.  Homes are casting off the golds, yellows, and tans of ten years ago and are replacing them with light, fresh gray-beige colors.  Gone too are the jewel-tones of the 2008 era; that is the dark reds, dark greens, etc. This updated paint color mind-set is especially common when it comes to kitchen cabinets and cabinet painting.  The honey-oak colored stain in kitchens are being Read more
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Gray walls turn blue – Interior painting in Flower Mound TX

How do you get a gray wall color that doesn’t turn blue? Do your gray walls turn blue when painting your Flower Mound home?  It’s a problem that happens too often.  So, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, let’s explore how to not make this mistake when painting your home. Below are some quick and dirty tips and some ideas to help you get the best possible color and final product.  Here they are: Don’t pick a color that ‘looks’ gray to you, move toward a beige or tan. Get sample paints and try them in your home Don’t paint your Read more
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Four mistakes you make when painting your Flower Mound TX home.

Four interior painting things you do wrong at the paint store Interior painting in Flower Mound; It’s an idea that seems simple enough; paint a room or two in the house.  You saw a color you liked at a friend’s house, or that new shade of grey that Joanna Gaines used looked perfect; in any case, you’re ready to knock it out.  Well, I’m behind you one hundred percent!  Let’s go get some paint and get started.  Unfortunately, the paint store is where your mistakes start.  We trust each other, right?  Let’s be honest about what happens next. Mistake #1:  Read more
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Fall Colors for Interior Painting Flower Mound TX Homes

Interior painting Flower Mound TX homes is the easiest way to give your old house a new look. Plus, whether you are decorating new construction or remodeling your existing home, the colors you paint your walls are what give the house character. Just like with clothing fashion, there are always exciting new trends each year with interior paint. Wherever your personal tastes run, from neutrals to muted colors or bold, statement-making splashes, the experts have the colors for you on their fall pallets for 2015. Blue is Big in 2015 Various shades of blue, including gray tones, took most of Read more
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How Interior Painting Flower Mound TX Can Change the Feel of Your Home

Whether you’re planning on selling your home, or just updating your house so that it will better suit your personality, interior painting in Flower Mound TX is an easy way to make your home your own. The right painting service will have the experience necessary to peel away old, outdated wallpaper and resurface your ceiling to give you a sleek, modern update for your home. Few things can shape how a room feels like interior painting in Flower Mound TX. When you update the paint colors and textures in your house, you can make it feel more like a home Read more
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Interior Painting Flower Mound TX: 3 Tips For Choosing The Right Color

If you’re considering interior painting in Flower Mound TX and you’re not sure what the rules are for choosing the right paint colors for the inside of your home, remember that your home is an expression of your personality – so the only rule you absolutely must follow is the one that says you should make yourself happy with your color choices.  Unlike the exterior of your home, no one has to look at the inside of your home unless you invite them in and, hopefully, you won’t invite anyone into your private space who’s going to judge you harshly Read more
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Interior Painting Flower Mound TX: Advantages Of Hiring A Professional

If you’re thinking about having the inside of your home painted by professionals, you may have ‘helpful’ friends or family telling you what a waste of money it is to hire someone to do your interior painting in Flower Mound TX.  They’ll gladly tell you that painting a wall is so easy a child can do it.  Are they right?  Only a little bit.  Applying a brush or a roller filled with paint to a wall is easy but there is way more to painting your home the right way than just slapping paint on a flat surface.  Here’s the Read more