One of the number one complaints new home-buyers have when it comes to kitchens is outdated, unsightly, and worn-out cabinets. Unfortunately for most homeowners, buying new kitchen cabinetry can be very pricey and can even be more of a hassle than a benefit in the long run. We have a solution that will increase your home value, increase your interior appeal, and won’t break the bank.

White modern cabinets, in a farmhouse style North Texas kitchen.

Fresh paint transforms cabinetry

In most cases, it isn’t the shape, design, or even the material of a cabinet that turns people away, but rather the color and condition. For instance, you probably wouldn’t recognize your kitchen cabinets based solely on their design if you were to see them on a showroom floor.

However, the majority of people could immediately recall the color of their cabinets just from memory. Color is the first thing the human eye picks up when looking at something new. It also is one of the most memorable features of what we see.

By adding a fresh and professional paint job to your cabinetry, you can create an environment that fosters comfort, cleanliness, and elegance in as fast as two days. Not only will a fresh paint job hide any imperfections your cabinets may have already suffered over the years, but they can help prolong the life of your cabinets as well, saving you money in the years to come.

Greige cabinets in a modern modern, bright Texas kitchen.


In addition to your cabinets, wood paneling and other aspects of millwork that make up a room should be updated regularly with a professional paint job. Often times, the accent pieces of a room get left behind during remodeling and renovations. While cabinets are typically the focal point of a kitchen’s woodwork, don’t forget your other accents as they help bring the entire room together.

Hiring a professional makes all the difference

Your cabinets make up a large portion of your kitchen and bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. Instead of spending exuberant amounts of money on new cabinets that are likely to experience wear-and-tear in the first year, consider hiring a professional painter to rework your entire kitchen and bring new life to an otherwise bland room.

At Carnival Custom Painting in Flower Mound, we are experts in providing top-quality cabinetry paint jobs. Hire a professional to see an immediate transformation to your home. There’s a reason we are the go-to company for painting services in Hickory Creek.

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