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Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Painter

For many homeowners, a do-it-yourself interior painting job can turn into a nightmare. Whether its accidents, making a mess, or simply biting off more than you can chew, most people admit that interior painting is more of a hassle than anything. But did you know that hiring a professional painter is not only affordable, but can save you time and misery? Here are the top 5 reasons you should hire a professional painter. Time Saving For most, the ideal weekend doesn’t revolve around interior painting. In today’s busy world, chances are you’re already managing a jam-packed schedule and interior painting Read more
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Choosing A Color For Interior Painting: More Than Meets The Eye

The human eye can see an array of 10,000,000 different colors, but did you know that these colors can affect your mood and personality? From Denton to Flower Mound, homeowners are scratching their heads when it comes to selecting a color for their interior painting job. While it’s important for any color to match your home, take some time to explore the deeper meanings and effects colors may have. Red: Undoubtedly the boldest and brashest of colors, red tones are often associated with high energy levels and excitement. Known for stimulating conversation as well as appetites, shades of red can Read more
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Exterior painting in Flower Mound is needed earlier than you might think!

Exterior house painting is a maintenance must for Flower Mound homes.  If your house is on the newer side, you should think about having it repainted with a high-quality exterior house paint after about seven years or so.  Some custom homes that were painted with a quality paint when they were built can go a little longer but most of the homes in Flower Mound will need repainting earlier.  We have seen several custom homes in the Argyle area that were originally painted using Kelly Moore 1245 Acry-Shield paint.  Most of these homes still look amazing!  Many times the desire Read more
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Kitchen Cabinet Painting – Is your kitchen a dungeon? – Is it too dark?

Kitchen cabinet painting in Flower Mound is a very popular project these days. Flower mound has so many lovely, custom ranch-style homes that were built in the early to mid-eightys. Some have galley kitchens, some have pass-through kitchens but almost all of them have the honey-oak stain on the oak kitchen cabinets. Combine the old honey-oak stain color with the dark colors that were so popular around 2005 to 2006 and you have the recipe for a dark, heavy-feeling kitchen. Painting the kitchen cabinets in Flower Mound or Argyle, TX will go a long way toward making the kitchen brighter Read more
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Gray walls turn blue – Interior painting in Flower Mound TX

How do you get a gray wall color that doesn’t turn blue? Do your gray walls turn blue when painting your Flower Mound home?  It’s a problem that happens too often.  So, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, let’s explore how to not make this mistake when painting your home. Below are some quick and dirty tips and some ideas to help you get the best possible color and final product.  Here they are: Don’t pick a color that ‘looks’ gray to you, move toward a beige or tan. Get sample paints and try them in your home Don’t paint your Read more
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Four mistakes you make when painting your Flower Mound TX home.

Four interior painting things you do wrong at the paint store Interior painting in Flower Mound; It’s an idea that seems simple enough; paint a room or two in the house.  You saw a color you liked at a friend’s house, or that new shade of grey that Joanna Gaines used looked perfect; in any case, you’re ready to knock it out.  Well, I’m behind you one hundred percent!  Let’s go get some paint and get started.  Unfortunately, the paint store is where your mistakes start.  We trust each other, right?  Let’s be honest about what happens next. Mistake #1:  Read more
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Painting Cabinet Doors Flower Mound TX is as Good as a Makeover

Painting cabinet doors Flower Mound TX is a handy little trick to freshen the look of your kitchen or other rooms in your home. Often, homeowners jump straight into an extensive remodeling project when they do not really want or need it. Often, boredom with the current look of the room influences them to go for a massive makeover. Before you start looking at alternative floor plans and knocking holes in walls, consider whether you need to remodel, or if a fresh coat of paint in an updated color would work just as well to make you love your kitchen Read more
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  • Exterior Painting Service Flower Mound TX

Exterior Painting Service Flower Mound TX: Improve Your Home’s Value

Whether you are selling your home or hoping to improve its look, exterior painting service Flower Mound TX can increase your curb appeal and home value. Your home’s appearance is a person’s first impression, and a good first impression can easily increase a home’s total value and appeal. To enhance your curb appeal for potential buyers and increase the value of your home for your own benefit, hire the professionals to focus on your home’s exterior. Exterior Painting Flower mound TX: Inspect the Exterior To get started, the exterior of your home will require a detailed inspection. Warped areas of Read more
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Transform Your Home With Exterior Painting Service Flower Mound TX

If you’re tired of the same old exterior on your home, then you might need an exterior painting service Flower Mound TX. One simple phone call to Carnival Custom Painting at 214-616-2206 will get you on the road to a brand new style. Whatever your desired look is, you’ll find that our professionals are superior when it comes to the proper prep, painting and finishing touches. All you need to do is allow your creativity to flow, and we can create the exact design you’re looking for. Take a look around your home, decide what it is you really want and Read more
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5 Ways to Evaluate an Exterior Painting Service in Flower Mound, TX

If you’re looking for an exterior painting service in Flower Mound, TX, there are some things you need to consider. Any home improvement project presents homeowners with a great opportunity to renovate and improve upon their space to make it more enjoyable. However, painting the exterior of your home may be one of the largest changes families undertake. Your home’s exterior is the first thing your family and any visitors see. You want the color and texture to match your home in the best way possible. Here are five things you should use to you evaluate possible contractors before signing Read more