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Selling Flower Mound homes – Save money with this one tip.

Save money when selling your Flower Mound home:  Interior Painting By all accounts the real estate market in Flower Mound and Texas in general is hot, hot, hot.  Many families are capitalizing on the positive market conditions by putting their homes up for sale.  This is a relatively easy way to realize some handsome profits, but it’s also an easy way to needlessly burn through some of your equity.  I’m going to share some ideas to consider that will help you save money when selling Flower Mound homes. Most of your ‘show-stoppers’ are not show stoppers. Every day I meet Read more
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Interior Painting Updates for Highland Village and Flower Mound

Fresh spring interior painting updates continues unabated in Highland Village and Flower Mound.  The trend toward lighter, less ‘heavy’ paint schemes is as popular as ever throughout the Flower Mound, Double Oak, Argyle, and Lantana areas.  Homes are casting off the golds, yellows, and tans of ten years ago and are replacing them with light, fresh gray-beige colors.  Gone too are the jewel-tones of the 2008 era; that is the dark reds, dark greens, etc. This updated paint color mind-set is especially common when it comes to kitchen cabinets and cabinet painting.  The honey-oak colored stain in kitchens are being Read more
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What Color Should I Paint The Exterior Of My House?

Spring has sprung and it’s time to do some painting! Like many, you’ve survived yet another chilly winter and are ready to finally get back out and start tending to the exterior of your home. One of the most common spring traditions for homeowners is reapplying and touching up their exterior paint. But what seems like any easy choice in terms of color, can be overbearing and impact your home’s value. Depending on your color choice, your house can gain value or depreciate. Here we will offer some good tips for answering the question, what color should I use to Read more
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Beautiful Cabinets Without Breaking The Bank

One of the number one complaints new home-buyers have when it comes to kitchens is outdated, unsightly, and worn out cabinets. Unfortunately for most homeowners, buying new kitchen cabinetry can be very pricey and can even be more of a hassle than a benefit in the long run. Here at Carnival Custom Painting, we have a solution that will increase your home value, increase your interior appeal, and won’t break the bank. Cabinets In most cases, it isn’t the shape, design, or even the material of a cabinet that turns people away, but rather the color and condition. For instance, Read more
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Dispose of Paint or How to Get Rid of Old Paint

Almost every customer asks us how they can dispose of paint.  If you live in Flower Mound, TX getting rid of old paint is really easy.  Sometimes people have paint that was left by a previous owner or just old paint that’s been sitting in the garage too long.  It’s easy to amass a collection of sample paints when you’re looking for the just the right color for a room.  In any case, old paint is of little use and it takes up a lot of space.  Getting paint is easy and it turns out that it is actually easy Read more
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Two Ways To Instantly Modernize Your Home

Years ago, in a time known as the 1980’s, interior design saw the peak of some of today’s most notorious styles of home decor: Popcorn Ceilings and Wallpaper. Considered by most home buyers to be a deterring factor, popcorn ceilings and wallpaper have been labeled as outdated, cheap, and just plain ugly. Below, we will detail the ways in which you can modernize your home and see an immediate return on your investment by simply having your popcorn ceilings and wallpaper removed and replaced with a professional paint job. Why Should You Remove Popcorn Ceilings? As one of the most Read more
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When Should I Paint My Walls?

One of the most common questions people have in the interior painting industry is “how do I know if I need to repaint my walls?” While there isn’t a set standard for “every year” or “every decade”, there are numerous signs in your home that can answer the question for you. Below we will detail four of the main signs you need to repaint your walls. Peeling, Cracks, Scuffs, and Scratches Chances are, your home has seen its fair share of company and activity (especially if you have children). Whether it be from moving furniture around, a DIY project gone Read more
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How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets White

Painting kitchen cabinets in Flower Mound TX is as popular as ever.  Whether you do it yourself or hire professional painters, the return on investment of a cabinet painting project in terms of the visual impact for the dollars spent your payback is off the charts.   You can easily do a little research on how to paint kitchen cabinets white and get up to speed pretty quickly.  If you do it yourself you should expect to spend between $400 and $600 for primer, sundries, and paint.  If you hire professionals to do the project expect to pay somewhere between $3,000 Read more
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3 Ways Interior Painting Increases Your Home Value

Considering the booming real-estate market here in Flower Mound, Denton and surrounding areas, the smallest differentiators can factor into your home value. Whether it be the number of rooms, the size of your garage, the overall condition of your home, or the size of your lot, if you want to sell your home at a premium price, you are probably going to have to do a little refreshing. Luckily, professional interior painting is one of the most affordable ways to boost your home’s value without breaking the bank. Below we will detail the 3 ways interior painting increases your home Read more
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Wall Texture Styles For An Extraordinary DFW Home

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of interior painting is wall texturing.  Your home probably has a mix of wall texture and possibly some wallpaper in the kitchen or bathrooms.  Adding or changing wall textures is seen by some as more work while others see it as a way to update or add some  decorative flair.  Wall texturing can actually increase your home’s value as well as curb appeal.  Adding texture can enhance rich colors and add some ‘attitude’ to an otherwise bland and common room or wall. Take a look at the texturing styles below and learn how Read more