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Daily Archives: March 26, 2018

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What Color Should I Paint The Exterior Of My House?

Spring has sprung and it’s time to do some painting! Like many, you’ve survived yet another chilly winter and are ready to finally get back out and start tending to the exterior of your home. One of the most common spring traditions for homeowners is reapplying and touching up their exterior paint. But what seems like any easy choice in terms of color, can be overbearing and impact your home’s value. Depending on your color choice, your house can gain value or depreciate. Here we will offer some good tips for answering the question, what color should I use to Read more
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Beautiful Cabinets Without Breaking The Bank

One of the number one complaints new home-buyers have when it comes to kitchens is outdated, unsightly, and worn out cabinets. Unfortunately for most homeowners, buying new kitchen cabinetry can be very pricey and can even be more of a hassle than a benefit in the long run. Here at Carnival Custom Painting, we have a solution that will increase your home value, increase your interior appeal, and won’t break the bank. Cabinets In most cases, it isn’t the shape, design, or even the material of a cabinet that turns people away, but rather the color and condition. For instance, Read more